The Finns

When I read about Finland in the past, I used to think it is a match place for an introvert like me. That thought was true for the first half. It is a nice place for someone who prefer quiet and peaceful place or like to spare time for themselves as the Finns value privacy and personal space. You may find a little bit difficult to approach someone who you have not meet before. Most of the time, you should not expect them to initiate the conversation unless they are drunk. However, if you know them well the Finnish are really nice and helpful. I am grateful for having friendly classmate and teachers here. If you need help just ask

Level of formality

One thing I find interesting when I first came here is the level of formality here. Everything is quite informal even in business situation. You can address a person by their first name. Writing an email to your supervisor, teacher, college is very comfortable and chill

Too peaceful and secure place

The environment in Finland is excellent. You are surrounded by beautiful nature everywhere. I must say there is no place that I can I take such a fresh and deep breath than in Finland. That is something I always miss when I travel somewhere else. It is a great place for relaxation but personally I feel like the life here sometimes too peaceful and secure. For people at the 20s age like me, we like the hustle and bustle. Even though I mentioned I am an introvert but there is not enough services and entertainment for me to enjoy alone either. I had to wait a movie to get into the Finnish theater while they were already talking about it on the social media


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