Finland: My Favorite Place

By Isis Conroy

I am extremely connected to Finland and Finnish culture. Though I don’t have a drop of Finnish blood, family ties, or any outside connection to Finland, it quickly became my home. I love Finland.

It may not be a popular opinion, but I think the weather is perfect. It’s almost never too hot and you always get to experience all four seasons. The winter is shockingly beautiful and quiet. I love to hunt mushrooms in the fall and collect wild herbs in the spring. The summer brings a different kind of energy all together: lazy about work, but focused on relaxation and fun.

In general, Finnish nature is enough to make me fall in love every day, all over again. I love the way there are so many trails and pathways, you never have to commit too seriously to a choice. I can wander and explore for hours and always find my way home.

I quite enjoy the Finnish definition of privacy. It bothers lots of other foreigners, but I personally have come to really enjoy that you can be alone in public places in Finland. I have adopted the custom of hiding from my neighbors as well, ha!

Despite loving the nature and sense of privacy, one of the best things about Finland is still the Finnish people. There is a certain stereotype that Finns are overly reserved and sometimes even rude to strangers. This can be true, but I have found that once you break through to the Finns, they are some of the kindest and most thoughtful people I have ever met.


Here is a list of things that remind me the most of Finnishness:

  • Nordic summer cabin culture
  • Quiet endless nights & quiet endless days
  • Beautiful nature
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Wood –Finns just love wood
  • Sauna
  • Hockey
  • Direct speech (straight to the point)
  • Salmiakki
  • Jallu
  • Dark sense of humor


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