To show Finnish nature
Ahvenanmaa SEP 2022

This blog post describes how I see Finnishness.

Being Finnish comes down to few essential things; country full of pure nature and lakes, mostly well-educated happy people who drink a lot of coffee who live in an independent country for over a 100 years already. We love to go to sauna and drink beer, we love swimming in one of the clear-watered lakes during the nightless night, we are family-oriented and most of us are proud of being Finnish.
The first topic I want to talk about, is nature. We have four beautiful seasons, forests full of wild berries and mushrooms, and over a thousand lakes full of fish. True northern country I would say. We also know how to value this purity and do cherish the possibility to nourish from nature. Winters are snowy, summers hot and the nature lives its own life throughout the year.
Second, I want to bring up our favourite habits. We are a nation that loves to drink, either coffee, alcohol or milk. We drink when we are happy and we drink when we are sad. We go to sauna and we drink! Sauna, a finnish invention, is found in over a 3 million households! That is more than we have vehicles. We have a bunch of traditions that include sauna; in midsummer and at Christmas, during the weekends and at a pre-Christmas parties.
At last, I could describe finns as being mostly down to earth, calm and hard-working people. We value personal achievements and little over 40 % are highly educated. We do good at school and tests, and Finland has been voted to be the happiest country on Earth quite a few times. So, in my opinion, I was born to the best country possible, and I really appreciate the advantage that our system is able to give one educationally and other ways. I am proud to say I’m Finnish.


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