My Experiences of Finnishness

What Finnishness means to me


First thing that comes to my mind thinking about Finnishness is nature. I feel like Finnish people are very close with the nature and have a strong connection with it. For me and I think many other Finnish people too, nature is giving a chance to relax in the silence.

Finland in known to be country of thousands lakes. Finns really enjoy the nature and everything what comes with it. In Finland you can do a lots of things depending on what you like. For example Finland has a lot of great lakes where you can go for a swim. Finnish people really like to go swimming in the summer time. The lakes are clean so it makes it more enjoyable. I feel like purity of the nature is very important to us.

Some people feel it calming when going to the forest. For example going for a walk or hiking in the forest is very refreshing in my opinion. I feel like the nature and the activities are really important parts of everyday life for the people living here.

Winter activities

Finland has four seasons and that’s why it is quite cold most of the year. Even though it is very cold in here sometimes, people here have different winter hobbies and interests. I think different traditional winter activities keep Finnish people happy and motivated during cold and dark seasons.

Finland has many great ski resorts. Most of the people here go to skiing in their free time. It is fun way to enjoy the nature and have a good time with family or friends! Skiing is an important part of  my winter and I´m always looking forward to it. Finnish people also enjoy ice skating during the winter months. We, as Finns, enjoy ice skating especially on the frozen lakes.


Also what comes to my mind thinking of Finnishness is Sauna. Finnish people really enjoy going to the sauna and it has been really important part of Finnish culture for a long time. Sauna plays a major part in Finn’s everyday life.

Most of Finnish people also have their own Sauna in their homes or summer cottages. In case if someone doesn´t have their own sauna, there are many places where you can still enjoy it. You can find saunas in different beach areas, rented cottages, spas or even in some hotels.



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