When I think of Finland, I am reminded of its magnificent nature and forests, as well as endless lakes and, of course, the sauna. However, what makes us Finnish is the people.

Finnish character traits are quite clearly different from the typical character traits of other countries. While in many European countries people are outgoing and talkative, Finns are a bit introvert. This is certainly even more pronounced in the eyes of foreigners. However, Finns are perhaps so genuine for this reason, we don’t hear unnecessary small talk, but when a Finn asks how one is doing, they really want to know how you are doing. Of course, this is a somewhat pointed and rather stereotypical image of Finnishness.


If I could describe a Finn, I would tell you about Finnish SISU. Finns are hardworking and relentless, even if times are difficult. Finn is honest and keeps ones promises and is never late. I also feel that the reason why Finns are considered quiet is that Finns often do not want to bring themselves up unnecessarily much.

Finland is a country of thousands of lakes, and this is not at all an exaggeration, as there are more than 160,000 lakes in Finland according to recent data. This is strongly reflected in Finnish culture and has been a strong inspiration for Finnish art. Many Finnish artists have spent much of their lives by the water, drawing inspiration for their art there.

There is no single thing to describe Finland and Finnishness, which is why you have to experience it yourself.


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