We Finnish people are known to keep to ourselves. We don’t want to interact with strangers unless unnecessary, we would rather stand on the bus than sit next to someone else, and hugging is only for people close to us, if even for them. However, we do come out of our shells when needed.


This can be seen in public saunas where people come to relax and enjoy the silent company of others. There’s no need to talk in the sauna but something about the atmosphere makes it comforting to have others there with you.


Another weird occurrence that brings Finnish people together is ice hockey. Isn’t it weird to see how almost all of us go nuts after winning a world championship or Olympic gold? For foreigners, it might seem almost unnatural for the quiet Finnish people to suddenly break loose after these wins. However, for us, it’s part of the culture we have.

I’d like to end this blog post by saying that even though sometimes I find us Finns to be a tiny bit weird, I truly enjoy being one!


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