What is Finnishness?

When I think about Finnishness first things that come to my mind are: nature, people and sauna. I have always been a big nature guy and I love that in Finland this thing called “jokamiehenoikeudet” exists. It basically means that everyone has a right to enjoy and explore Finnish nature regardless of ownership. Our nature consists of thousands of lakes, lush forests and pristine wilderness and with four amazing seasons every visit to nature is always different.

People here in Finland are usually more reserved and at first glance Finnish people might seem a bit rude or awkward to the outsiders. Finnish people value personal space and usually don´t engage small talk with strangers if not necessary. This all changes thought when you get a little closer with Finnish people. Then you can experience the true Finnishness where people are friendly and helpful to one and other.

Sauna is also a big part of Finnishness. For some it is a place where you can clean your body and mind and for others it is a place where you hang out with friends. For me sauna is a place where i can relax after stressful day and I like to go there at least couple of times per week. Without sauna my life would probably be more unhappy and stressful.


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