I listed some of my favourite "Finnish traits" and common things Finns share love for.


Respect for the nature. Calmning and healing powers of nature. Working together with the natural forces and helping the forest stay healthy. Enjoying what the finnish nature has to offer – lakes, forests, snow. Outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and berry-picking are popular.

8 features that make Finnish nature unique - Out in the Nature


The sauna holds a special place in Finnish culture. It is an integral part of social life and is often considered a place for relaxation and reflection. A place for detoxing and having talks in a delicate environment. Sauna provides great health benefits and is a part of most finnish peoples routine.

Pihasaunan rakentamisen hinta – valinnoilla vaikutat saunan hintaan


“Sisu is a Finnish construct that describes the ability to push through one’s limits when facing adversity and continue on against the odds.” I like that. And I try to follow this mentality. That being said, it is also important to know when to give up and not let it impair your judgement because it takes a hit on your ego!




The Finns are known for their reserved and quiet nature, valuing personal space and privacy. However, we are also known for honesty and straightforwardness in communication. Sometimes this can cause misunderstandings and Ive noticed that sometimes when there is multiple cultures present I have to “mask” my Finnishess. Whether its a personality trait or part of culture I dont know anymore the difference…

Finnish Nightmares


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