My thoughts on Finnishness

Being a Finn is a blessing in many ways.

As I have lived in Finland most of my life, I have noticed that
Finnish people are talking down a lot on ourselves and
our country. Having this modern way of thinking that it is
better somewhere else. Some of that is of course true but
people need to understand that Finland is one of the greatest
countries to live in. Beautiful nature, culture, kind and trustworthy
people, rich, happy etc. We live in luxury but refuse
to believe it since in television you see someone on a yacht.

Finland is a country where everything works. When you handle
stuff from school, government, law etc, things will work.

Me having experiences from other countries I can tell that
things like this seem to be of difficulty in most countries.
People seem to lack common sense and miss to see easy ways
to solve things and seem to stick to how it has been before.

Finnish people are trustworthy

There are not many countries where you can forget your phone or laptop
to your school and it is almost guaranteed that you will
get it back. The culture used to be a lot about trust in
Finland. Now things are slowly changing due to lot of things.
Back in the days we did not even have to lock our doors because
we could trust our people.

Finnish people have respect for each others personal space and
therefore its ideal country to live in. You can mind your business
in peace.

Ive heard from many exchange students that Finnish people dont
talk or engage in conversations and usually my first question
is how many Finns have you talked to? Usually the answer is
one or two. I know the Finns being straight faced may seem
like we dont like someone from overly expressive culture
but it is not true and it is your job to learn this.

Finns love to engage in deeper conversations instead of shallow ones.
Casual small talk is not that large in Finland which is why it seems
like its hard to ”break the ice” . Making some effort with Finns
you will also find out that Finns do in fact like having conversations
but might find that they need to trust you a bit first.

Finns are also prone to open up in different places than you might be used like for example
you should go to a forest, fishing or a sauna and Im sure you will have some great conversations.

Being a Finn means being honorable, trustworthy, nature loving,
healthy sauna enjoyer. Finns love their beer and alcohol but
theres more to it. Finns love their endurance sports like running,
skiing and rowing. Ice hockey of course is also close to our
hearts. Hard workers who enjoy their time off in a cabin or
somewhere where you can enjoy your peace.

Calm, cool and unexpressive.

Finnish people continue to take over the world with the power
of sisu. If you aint one you should befriend one.


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