What Finnishness means?

Finnishness means a lot of things, for example determination and resilience, love for nature, sauna culture and appreciation for simplicity. Finns also value equality, education and social welfare. Those are not self-evident for everyone and i take it as a blessing to have those in our country. Finland is safe place to live and i am proud to call it my home country. We also have a beautiful nature and a lot of lakes in here as they say "Finland is a Land of thousand lakes".

Finnish people are known for their friendly and reserved nature. They also value honesty, determination, reliability and equality. In my opinion Finns also work hard and appreciate a good work-life balance, which is really honorable i think. However we also have to remember that every Finnish people are individuals. We can found many people friendly and reserved but we can’t generalize that. It is not always the case and some can be more open than the others. Finns have a habit to give other people space what comes to waiting for example tram in a tram stations. So when we say Finns are reserved, it is probably coming from there. Anyhow i think that Finns are used to have their own space and they are used to do what other Finns do too, so it doesn’t always mean that they don’t want to speak to anyone else. Best case they can be really happy to meet new people and  i wish that everyone could let go of the prejudices that they have for others.

Finnishness is also being close to nature, some people are more than the others but many Finns have incredible connection to it. They like to explore the nature and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, skiing and berry picking. Many Finnish families have also summer cottages where they like to spend time, especially in the summer. That is nice way to be close to nature as well.

Sauna is also an integral part of Finnishness, which provides relaxation and a place for socializing. Nothing feels better than to come home from some activities like for example hiking and then warm up a sauna. It also help us feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Overall Finnishness means many things for me and here was just a part of it. Finns are warm-hearted, resilient and proud of their unique heritage and nature. It is honor to be living in Finland and i wish that other people would see the beauty of Finland too. Don’t take anything for a granted!


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