My point of view on Finnishness

Man is sitting in a camping chair on the background of a forest lake on a beautiful summer evening. Object in focus, background blurred.

My perception of Finnishness.


My name is Victor Denoncin and I am half finish half french. Today I will be talking about what finnishness means to me. Finnishness in my point of view is all about making it through and hating every second of all the possible harsh times that Finland as a whole throws at us. This means that we need to endure before enjoy. A good example is the 4 seasons of the finnish climate. Before enjoying summer you need to go through the several backlash winters during fall. Before enjoying the beautiful winter we need to endure the humid rainy nights of fall. You see where I’m get in at? There is so much to enjoy in Finland but like everything it comes with a price.

The strange finnish way of living is still something to always come back to. Every finnish person wants to go on holiday in fuengirola but still comes back home delighted to see their safe place. There is so much to appreciate in the finnish lifestyle. I believe that finnishness is built on individual peace. No need to show and brag everything you have. If you have a home, family, and nature close to you, you have it all. No need for anything flashy. Only the basics which you build to its best form.

There are downsides to finnishness also. Because finnish people are used to the minimum they might go with too low of a minimum. Which then is not happiness anymore. One example is loneliness. Many finnish people like to be alone. But as we know it being alone in life is not good. This way many finnish people accept and endure tough things too much and wind up in deep sorrow. Which in it self is something to endure, but many do not realise that in life you don’t need to endure everything necessarily. Somethings are better to be changed than endured.




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