What Finnishness mean to me.

What is the first thing that comes to my mind about Finnishness?

I would say the sauna. Especially in the summer swimming and saunas at the cottage is one of the best things I know. Midsummer is the highlight of the year when we spend it at the cottage with my friends. The sun is shining, good food and drinks, best friends and cottage olympics.

Second thing is nature. We have so many lakes in Finland and nature is beautiful. The water in the lakes is clean, lots of trees and forests and the air is so fresh in here. The best thing about the lakes is swimming and boating, and in winter skiing on the ice in the sunshine. And when I need my own time I go for a run in the forest, without headphones.

These things make the saying “Finland is the happiest country in the world” very true. Even though we are a small country and few people even know where Finland is located, we have a lot of things here that bring us happiness. And those who do know something about Finns think we are introverted and shy. This is certainly true. We’re not good at small talk, but that’s okay. We are still proud of our country and of being Finnish.



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