Finnishness and sauna

Sauna: the microcosm of Finnish culture.

I explore the role of sauna to understand idea of Finnishness and why it is big part of it. In historical point of view Finnish people had born and died in saunas. It was very warm place during winter and you could get rid of parasites very easily in it. It is multipurpose place. 

I like to go often to sauna and that’s why I can write about it. Mixing the sauna experience with beautiful nature at Rauhanimemi public sauna causes often good insights. Sometimes they are philosophical thoughts or good ideas for artwork. Sometimes you just feel good on looking at the beautiful lake after swimming. 

It is part of the connecting to nature. It is often next to a water and forest. When you go to sauna people are greeting you, it is nice social norm. Sound of fire and people talking is like calming ambient music into ears. When people are naked or wearing only swimsuit, we are more equal. We are more equal because we don’t see what persons status is or profession in society. Many kinds of people can talk to each other who would not maybe talk anywhere else.  

Going sauna is best things in Finnishness. During sauna session people can really let go from their worries, sauna and water are making it easy. Both extreme hot and cold are bringing people back to their senses. They are in the present moment, not in the past or future. 

Sauna is like microcosm of Finnish culture. 


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