Finnishness from my point of view

Finland is known to be country of thousands lakes. Finnish nature can amaze you multiple different ways as you can find wide range of different scenes around the country. There are a lot of lakes, forest, snow, green trees and colored flowers. Read my post to find out more about nature, seasons and people in Finland.

Finland is known for its beautiful nature around the world. In Lapland the nature is very different than in middle and eastern Finland. You can find thousands of lakes, a lot of forest and fields but also cities with parks and infrastructure. Nature is a place where Finns enjoy their free time. Many have a summer cabin next to lake somewhere away from cities and normal day-to-day life. If your family don´t have their own cabin you can also rent them. Most Finnish people spend their summer holidays and midsummer in cabin.


Walking in a quiet forest you can find calmness and peace in your mind. Most Finnish people love to walk small paths around trees and away from the city noise. There are many hobbies that have something to do with the forests like Nordic-walking, cross country skiing, trail running and biking, orienteering and many others. Scout is also common hobby around kids in Finland.  You can find lakes and rivers everywhere in Finland there are over 57 thousand lakes in Finland that are bigger than a basketball field. Finns love to spend their time over the water. Common hobbies are swimming and fishing. In winters also people skate over the frozen lakes. From Lapland you can find bergs and see a lot of reindeers.


Different seasons also makes nature look different. Spring is the time when the nature wakes up after a long cold winter. In the spring everything starts to grow, and the trees start to build their leaves. Also, many flowers start to grow and bloom. Cherry trees are in a full bloom with different, pink-colored flowers on them. Favorite season for most Finns is summer. Summer is quite warm and the day last for the whole 24 hours. It is never dark, and the nature is green while the lakes and skies are blue. In autumn the leaves turn into beautiful fall colors such as red, orange, and yellow. The days are shorter and it´s starting to get dark pretty early on the days which makes it possible to see the northern lights. Winter is when Finland turns a magic land from movies. Everywhere is white and there is a lot of snow. Days are short and the temperature is freezing.


Did you know that the Finns are happiest country in the whole world? That is hundred precent true according to multiple different studies. From my point of view there are various reasons for this even though Finns are easily associated as a grumpy, quiet people who likes to drink.


In Finland the people can be slowly warming but once you get to know them, they care you a lot and loves to welcome you with them to different events and places. Finns love to drink coffee and every time you visit them, they will offer it to you with cinnamon buns or cookies or something good. Finns also loves to host parties and eat good food together. Especially midsummer and Christmas are important to holidays to most of the Finns. Midsummer they gather to cabins, eat good food and it is common to but up a big bonfire. Christmas is time they spend with family and friends. You might also know Santa Claus who brings the gifts to smallest one of the family. He comes from Finland, and you can visit him around the year in Rovaniemi. Also, what makes Finns happy is that they are pretty humble and easy to please with.


Most of the Finns works or study full time. The education is free in Finland for its citizens such as healthcare. The level of education in Finland is on top level around the world. Finns are known for Finnish sisu which means that they aren’t going to give up easily and they will fight for the things they want. Finns are known to be hard-working people who relaxes on their free time by nature and hobbies.


For me Finland is my home country, and it will always have huge place in my heart. I am really proud to call myself Finn. I hope after my exchange I can appreciate Finland even more.


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