Life in Finland

What is life in Finland really like? Is living in Finland easier and more enjoyable than elsewhere? I can't answer these questions, but in this blog, I will share what my life is like in Finland. I will also tell you what I have experienced in 23 years.

I was born in Finnish Lapland. Many people think that when we talk about Finnish Lapland, it’s all about reindeer and lichen. It’s not exactly like that, but it’s not far from the truth. Finnish Lapland is truly a peaceful place, where the soul finds solace. Surely, many who have left would return there.


There are various travel opportunities in Finland. It’s possible to take a flight far away from Finland if you’re seeking warmth and sunshine. You can also make domestic journeys. For example, many Finns rent travel cars and set off to explore Finland. Personally, I haven’t traveled extensively abroad. I enjoy traveling to Finnish Lapland during my free time and spending time there. I’ll tell you more about this later in this blog.


In Finland, the most popular sports to engage in are football (soccer) and ice hockey. In my case, ice hockey has been a big part of life. In Finland, there’s a desire for young people to have the opportunity to start a hobby from an early age. It doesn’t have to be either football or ice hockey. The goal of hobbies is to offer young people new friends and enjoyable activities.

Cottage Life

Finns are a cottage-loving people. Many Finns have their own cottage. Cottages are usually places to unwind and escape from everyday life. Finns often celebrate Midsummer and spend their summer vacations at the cottage. In winter, cottage life means skiing for me, and in summer, it’s about fishing and swimming.


Free-time can be spent in many different ways in Finland. Personally, I really enjoy skiing, fishing, and engaging in various sports. Finland’s climate provides excellent opportunities for all these activities.

Welcome to Finland! Here, you’ll find yourself enjoying your time and, in my opinion, life is truly comfortable and rewarding.


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