My Finnishness

What Finland means to me

Finland means so many things to me. I’m very grateful how safe and peaceful Finland is. Here you have opportunities to study and build your future even if you are not madly rich. You can easily get help when you face health issues, and everyone is taken care of some way or another. Of course, there is many things that could be better but I’m still grateful how well things are compared to many other countries.

I appreciate Finnish people. Finns are honest, reliable and hard working but not too pushing around new people. Finns may seem really private, but once you get to know them, they take you in with warm embraces.

Then we have this beautiful and unique nature which you can enjoy all over Finland. So many terrains that differ from others. The diversity of Finnish nature is amazing, and you can’t understand its beauty without experiencing it yourself. Not to mention the four seasons which are all very different. You can enjoy winter with all the winter activities such as snow skating, ice fishing and sledding.

Summer is the best season because you can enjoy warm weather, eat ice cream and swim in the thousands of lakes that Finland has. Then there is autumn that amazes me every year with its beauty. So many colors and cozy weather! Can’t forget the spring which is full of hope and wishes for the approaching summer.

I already said that summer is the best season and the biggest reason for that is life in a summer cottage. I really enjoy when I can just be somewhere in peace and quiet and just absorb all the good things into me. When you sit on a dock and just listen to the silence, your soul rests. Everyone is relaxed and just enjoying endless summer nights. In cottage, summer feels like it’s never ending and that is just a beautiful feeling.





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