My thoughts about Finnishness

What comes to your mind when hearing the word "Finland"?

I think one of the most usual things for foreigners to say about finnish people is either honesty or finns being blunt, quiet people. Some other things I have heard people say about Finland are beautiful finnish nature, cozy summer gottages and a great education system.

I myself love many thing about being finnish. I love the nature and the fact that regardless where you are, you always have parks, lakes, rivers etc. close-by.

I cannot think of greater ways to relax than going swimming in a semi-cold-water straight from sauna or reading a good book in your cozy little summer gottage on late august nights.

I appreciate that we a high-level education system and we get to study for free even in universities. Having a good solid education has made it so that almost every Finn is really good at speaking English, which seems to continuously surprise especially people who speak English as their mother tongue.

All in all, I think Finland is just awesome and I will gladly keep spreading the word about this place on my future travels.


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