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In this post I will reflect my most important thing in Finnishness and Finland

What Finnishness means to me

How has my relationship with Finnishnes changed during the years? In this blog I will discuss what Finnishness means to me personally.


In this blog I am going to tell somethings about Finnishness that are, in my point of view, the most important.

Finnishness and Celebrations

As a girl who constantly is looking for excuses to throw parties (especially with a theme), for me an important part of being Finnish are our unique holidays and celebrations. From our never-ending student parties on Vappu, to dancing around the bonfire and swimming under the midnight sun on Juhannus, to the peaceful and tranquil days of December to celebrate our Independence Day and Christmas.

My experience of Finnishness

We Finns love sauna, nature, ice-hockey and going to the market to have coffee and do small talk. However, on this text I will be focusing on the negative side of Finnishness.

My Experiences of Finnishness

Finnishness can mean different things to different people. To me, Finnishness means the traits of a character, for example honesty, perseverance, loalty and humbleness. In addition to those things, at least to me Finnishness and being a Finn also means things that can be a little stereotyped, e.g. sauna, salmiakki, Moomins and metal music. But I personally am very proud of the fact that all those things come from Finland and that they are well-known internationally, too.