The Unique World of Finland and Finnishness

My experience in Finland and experiencing Finnishness have been something I would consider unique. Finland feels different, yet the similar to any other European country I lived in or even just visited. I feel both at home and a stranger here. I hope through my text I managed to offer a glimpse of my thoughts.

Embarking upon my academic pursuits in Finland two years ago, as a 20-year-old Romanian, I have encountered a captivating contrast within this Nordic realm. I have lived in two different cities so far, from the serene shores of Vaasa to the vibrant heart of Tampere, I have traversed the diverse landscapes and unravelled the multifaceted tapestry that paints the Finnish experience. It is through this voyage that I have come to appreciate how each city embodies its distinct essence, offering a kaleidoscope of encounters and unravelling the enigmatic nature of “Finnishness.”

One cannot underestimate the profound impact the environment can have on one’s sojourn, as I have gleaned from my time in Vaasa and Tampere. Vaasa, a coastal gem bathed in tranquillity, bestowed upon me a sense of serendipitous harmony with nature. Yet, it has shown little warmth and openness towards me. I was living in solitude there, as I have failed to form meaningful connections with those around me. On the other hand, Tampere, the pulsating heart of Finnish culture, embraced me with its vibrant energy and bustling urban spirit. Here, I revelled in the kaleidoscope of experiences that unfold within its vibrant streets. The city’s fervent heartbeat resonated with an effervescence that effortlessly drew me into its cultural vortex. In the company of fellow students, both native Finns and global citizens, I managed to form plenty of meaningful friendships that I am sure will last a lifetime. I embarked upon countless adventures, immersing myself in the whirlwind of events and local customs that breathe life into Tampere’s identity. The spirit of camaraderie and exploration that permeates this city stands in stark contrast to the serene solitude of Vaasa, showcasing the remarkable duality that exists within the Finnish landscape.

In exploring the vibrant realms within Finland’s Golden Triangle, I came to realize that this land defies the norms we associate with Europe. It boasts a character that is refreshingly distinct, yet undeniably captivating. Growing up in Transylvania, it did not take long for me to notice the unexpected similarities between Finland and my beloved homeland. It was like a spark had been ignited deep within me, fueling an insatiable curiosity and an unwavering sense of fascination. The Finnish people’s quiet strength and stoicism mirror the enduring spirit of Transylvanian folk, both deeply rooted in a profound connection with nature. The profound respect for the environment, the reverence for its natural treasures, and the harmonious coexistence with the land struck a deep chord within my soul, revealing a shared ethos that transcends borders.

As I reflect upon my transformative journey through Finland, I am filled with gratitude for the golden moments woven into the fabric of my existence. From the serenity of Vaasa to the vivacity of Tampere, each city has imprinted upon my heart a unique facet of the Finnish mosaic. Through the juxtaposition of contrasts and the familiarity that echoes from my Transylvanian heritage, I have embarked upon a profound exploration of “Finnishness,” which I would define as overall solitude while you are grounding yourself in nature and learning self-sufficiency.


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