What is Finnishness?

What is Finnishness all about? Endless nature, extreme weather, perseverance, unique language...

  1. People

Finnish people are stereotypically described as quiet and reserved. These stereotypes are mostly true, however there is more to it. Usually, the more you get to know Finns, the less reserved they become. It is also part of Finnish behavior that you are not supposed to make a fuss of yourself. So, that can also be misunderstood as being shy or quiet when it’s really a matter if being humble. However, when you get to know Finnish people better, you will notice that they are friendly, caring and fun.

Finnish people are also proud of their country and its’ achievements (especially ice hockey). For me, part of being a Finn is to be proud of my roots and the achievements of my small home country.

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2. Language

Finns are united by a unique language that is only spoken in Finland. Finnish is not closely related to any of the ”main” languages so it truly is one of a kind. There are also many unique sayings, words, and phrases that can be almost impossible to translate to other languages. In my opinion, a big part of being a Finn is to speak such a unique language. Finnish is also one of the hardest languages to learn.

How would you translate löyly, vahingonilo or sisu?


3. Nature

Finland is quite big geographically yet only around 5.5 million people live here. This means that there is quite a lot of wilderness and cities are surrounded by forests. Finns are proud of their clean nature and calm and clean environment. An important part of Finnishness for me is to embrace nature.

Finland also has quite some extreme weather with its’ four seasons. Winters are long, cold and dark and it takes perseverance (sisu) to live in that kind of weather conditions. Summers are short but beautiful and Finns make sure to make the most out of it.

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