Safety engineering is a promising field

Appoh Yao Kossonou is a second-year master’s degree student in Safety Engineering from Ivory Coast.

SAFER Student Story by Appoh Yao Kossonou

I am Appoh Yao Kossonou a second-year master’s degree student in Safety Engineering from Ivory Coast. Before studying at Tampere University, I did a bachelor’s degree in Oil and Gas (Drilling well). Having completed my first degree in oil and gas operations, I wanted to study something that would be useful in other fields as well, and safety engineering was the right field for me. In addition, having a safety engineering degree will allow me to work in other fields, as well as the oil industry.

Safety is crucial for everything we do and therefore essential for every everyone. In addition, safety is an important aspect of any organization’s success, and those who don’t consider it as a priority face many incidents in their operations. I am especially interested in technical safety for example systems, Job processes.

Currently, I work at the university as a research assistant. In terms of time management, I work during the week on my thesis and complete my school assignments on weekends.

What was your experience with the application process?

I found the application process to be straightforward. An administrator from the department called me before the application process began to clarify what documents I would need. And as soon as the application process began, I just filled out my application within a day and about three months later, I received an offer from the university.

Safety engineering is a promising field as companies begin to understand the importance of safety for their operations. Consequently, safety engineers will have more opportunities.