How to get brilliant ideas?

great ideas Omar Puebla
Great Ideas Omar Puebla

how great ideas come.

How to get brilliant ideas? 


I often get ideas when I´m talking with friends and people around me. 

When we talk about ordinary things of everyday life, I start to see things that are missing or situations which need solutions. Then I ask myself what that solution could be?  

Many times, this was how I came up with new ideas. 


Great ideas in business are not just ideas, but rather something that meets the needs of people. But what makes an idea BRILLIANT? 

Deep in our brains we have an urge to fulfill our needs, so for me great ideas are about finding out what people need and how to meet those needs. 

This is an exciting and fascinating task; my imagination and creativity start to go 10000 miles per hour. When my friends have the same kind of mindset, we start to talk, and through around ideas, until boom one idea sounds good. 


For me is 4 ways how to get great ideas. 



Every person has problems to get solve e.g., Richard Branson one day he planned to go to Puerto Rico, but his flight was canceled, so to solve the problem he chartered the plane, sold tickets to the other stranded passengers, and ended up making a profitSo, he started his own airline Virgin Atlantic. 


2 Listen  

Because if we listening some great ideas can come e.g., Dr. Jean Carruthers was injecting a patient´s eyelids with Botox to stop them from muscle spasms, and the patient asks, why didn´t you inject my forehead? Jean said: you don´t have spasms there, the patients said: I know but every time you inject my forehead, I get this beautiful untroubled expression.  

Jean listens the light went on and she had the idea to use Botox to reduce brown lines and wrinkles and from that one comment a whole new Botox treatment came around that´s now is used by millions and valuated in billions.  


3 Looks around.  

Percy Shaw was driving along a dark, twisting road, unable to see the fence which separated it from a steep slope. Luckily, a cat was perched on it and when it looked at the approaching headlights, the beams were reflected in the cat’s eyes, and he avoided going over the edge. He experimented with different materials and found that glass balls were just the ticket and he patented his invention in 1934, e following year he set up Reflecting Roadstuds Limited. 

sometimes we must look around us. 


4 Write down ideas. 

Write down your ideas because if you don´t they will fly away and never to return. 

Larry Pages said when I was 23, I suddenly woke up thinking, what if we could download the whole web and just keep the links. I grab a pen and started scribbling out the details and Google was born, when a great dream shows up grab it. 


If you think you are not creative, genius or artist don’t worry, there are always ways to get great ideas.  



I tend to get new ideas when I just let my brain wonder around. No distractions, just me and my own thoughts.

I think even a “ordinary” idea, can be turned into a “brilliant” one. It works in the other way as well, a “brilliant” idea can be turned into a “ordinary”, just as quick. It all comes down to the execution and whether you got the right people behind the idea. Without an execution all ideas stay as one.

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