Team challenge: How to build a creative space?

Project How to build a creative space

How to get brilliant ideas?


This group challenge was a quite interesting one. So many different approaches you can take to this topic. 


We as a group were struggling right away with the wideness of the topic and the communication seemingly wasn’t going perfectly. In this group challenge there was assigned project leaders and this was the first time a challenge would be done this way.  Definitely a change that’s for sure, but looking forward to it. Myself I’m definitely a person that prefers having a project manager in a project leading and building the puzzle. Having a project manager allows all the other individuals to focus specifically on their task and to do it to their best potential unless otherwise advised. Project manager can focus purely on “building the puzzle” and to look into the big picture which is a big plus. However if the manager and the team doesn’t speak the same language (metaphora) the project suddenly gets extremely hard. 

This is what I feel like happened in our project. No individuals to blame for this but for a reason or another nothing just clicked and progression was extremely slow. Being online and having the meetings through a zoom call definitely didn’t help.


We decided our direction of the project would be “What is an creative space”- what kind of physical spaces enable and boost creativity. After a few meetings we came up into a cool conclusion – we wanted to renovate my apartment. I’ve wanted to build a team space out of my apartment for a while. I threw this bold idea slightly even as a joke and the team picked up on it  and we decided to give it a shot. We knew it’d be a challenge but decided it would be fine even If we didn’t get the actual renovation done. At least we’d have the progress and all these challenges to share to the team.


Conclusion from the whole project is that getting individuals in the right roles is crucial if there’s an organizational structure. Everyone needs to be on the same page. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Also being a bit more realistic for the object of the project would be smart but to me that’s also the project managers job to look over the big picture. Project managers most crucial jobs are Budget-schedule-plan-communicate.

However this is a great learning curve for all!


Also now writing this blog post afterwoods, this project allowed me to construct my house into what I’ve always wanted it to be and it wouldn’t have happened without this project. So something good definitely came out of this!


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