Brilliant idea


My team got task about how to get a brilliant idea. The question sounds quite easy but it’s not. Everyone from the team probably have very different ways how they get ideas. We started with a book called “idea opas”. It’s made by students and they are going through how ideas are usually born. First idea of this task was to have a little PowerPoint show where we would tell our opinions how to get ideas. We all noticed that this could be too boring to share in the class. We decided to make a new plan. New plan we wanted to be something we could do something fun together with whole group. This was our first meeting. We decided to meet again next week, and everyone should have something to bring in next time.

Second meeting started and we got decision really quick. We wanted to do see hide and seek and then meditation together. We though that hide and seek would be good because it’s getting ideas while having fun. That went really well, everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. When we found people, they joined us to keep finding others. We got good feedback about this because it was the first time, we did something fun like this together. Second part of the class we did meditation. We asked everyone to take comfortable position, many of them went to lay on the floor. We had a speaker with us and put relaxing music on. This is one really usual place to get ideas, when you are relaxed and don’t have your phone or anything with you. This went also really well. After 5 minutes meditation we had a dialogue how everyone feels. Most common answer was relaxed and peaceful. Brains start to create ideas better when you are relaxed and peaceful.

Overall this task was really nice even we did the share part little bit differently than others. Our target was to make people see that there are different ways to get ideas. Also, one of our targets was to actually do something fun together with everyone in ours class. We got nice feedback from others and I also think we did really good job.


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