How to create more innovative and creative atmosphere?


How to increase creativity? How to come up with create ideas? How to be more innovative?

These are the questions what we continue asking and asking from ourselves and seemingly from Google because there are a lot different lists and tips how you can increase your creativity level.

For example, Alyse Kalish listed in her article eight things and activities which improve your creativity levels and help you to get brilliant ideas.

8 science-backed ways to come up with your next brilliant idea

  1. Take a Nap
  2. Drink
  3. Listen to Music
  4. Stare Out the Window
  5. Take a Shower
  6. Go for a Walk
  7. Wash the Dishes
  8. Do Your Chores

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Everybody can agree with at least one thing of Kalish’s list, right? But how about then when you have your team of colleagues and you need to create something new and bring some great ideas? How you can improve that kind of atmosphere that people can be creative at work for example with strict deadline and there is not a chance to take a shower or nap.

How to improve people’s innovation skills in the team?

  1. Know what kind of innovation you need to make
  • It is good to have a room for thoughts of “outside of the box” but when you have some specifying of what you need to create it is easier to come up with ideas.
  1. Focus on building a permissive atmosphere
  • Build safe, trustworthy and honest atmosphere
  • Open and honest communication and feedback. Let people to question things and say courage them to speak.
  • Allowance of mistakes and failures.
  1. Encourage people
  • To be themselves, think outside of the box and do mistakes.
  1. Respect
  • When people feel respected and their opinions are listened whey are more motivated to work with ideas.
  1. Say YES!
  • Even for silly ideas. Better that you have lots of ideas even they were very high- low. It is easier to eliminate that add in this case.
  1. If something goes wrong badly and there are misunderstanding, say sorry.
  • Anger and bitterness slay creativity so be aware to apologize if there is even a little need.


Okay, there was tips how to be more creative as a individual and as a team. What would be your and your team’s next great idea?



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