I believe capacity of creativity of a person is so vast and the combination of many creative brains make it even greater, however that happens only if the people in team can really work together in order to synthesize the great ideas into one biggest workable idea. This time I have learnt significantly during my team working when we were trying to deal with the question: How to get brilliant ideas?

When we received this topic from Hanna, we as a team were quite excited with many ideas and would like to make it in a very creative and different way. For the first day, we have sat down to brainstorm many directions to dig out the topic more specific and details. We have gone through many ideas of contents, but finally just came up with the plan that we believed it was the most interesting activities of our team: building up ideas for decorating Jamie house and changing it to be the alternative working space for team members in the future if the situation of corona is not getting better. Based on this ideas, we would like to deliver our team reflection on that creative project and as the leader appointed by Hanna, I believed my function was to inspire the team and work closed with people to proceed the ideas. At that moment, I believed that everything is fine, and our plan or ideas are still brilliant, until…Some of our members started to get lost and questioned each other: what the Jamie’s house project is for? and what outcome we can have after fulfilling it. Yep, that was time we started to feel stuck. There was not any other idea could come out to replace it. We could not feel happy anymore in team work and we had no any motivation after that.

The next meeting happened in Puisto coffee shop, an open area with sunlight and cold drinks. We started to feel released and easy-going to speak out our thought and feeling. Yay. I finally recognised that we need an OPEN ENVIRONMENT. That makes it easier and inspire us a lot to discuss and then be able to dig out deeper to the creativity. Openness environment or having the space does not mean only the physical place where people can feel free and be more creative, but also the place that all people in a team can input opinion in. That will be the space for trust and respect.

In order to have a brilliant idea, people should make the safe, open space for everyone to give own ideas. Do not kill ideas and trust that no idea of anyone is the most brilliant or significant one. Respect other ideas and give a chance to listen to them in order to find out the best options that may work. Creativity can be struggled by failed communication, by not having enough patience to understand different wishes and without controlling, people may go oppositely or wrong way from goal of creativity.

Finally, I recognise that having the brilliant idea is not more important than having a successful teamwork and we do not need to care too much on the perfection. Creativity does not relate  much to the perfection and no one can be confident to confirm strongly that they have the most brilliant ideas. I also recognised that a leader function in the creativity works is to motivate the people, to gather ideas and have the ability and good vision to decide which ideas can work best. However, being a leader does not need to know everything, but must be respected by team members. I found it hard for me to be a leader because people did not have enough trust and understanding to me. Therefore, I think we need to have more chance of practice to get to know and trust each other better.


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