JP-ENG Meeting Two

I met with Yuiko on Zoom. We started by knowing more about each other’s and our motive behind learning the language.

Yuiko wanted to improve her English for general communication, and I wanted to improve my Japanese for being able to communicate in Japan during my exchange study period.

We went through some of the things I learned in the online course I have been taking for the Japanese language.
I learned how to pronounce the phrases and words I have learned from a native speaker which was wonderful.

All the communication took place in English. So whenever Yuiko needed help with some pronunciations or spellings, I was there to help. Yuiko’s level is very advanced, so the help she needs is quite often implemented in our communication.

Some Expressions I have gone through with Yuiko are:


arigatoo gozaimasu

Thank you.



Don’t mention it./No problem.

おさきに しつれいします

osaki ni shitsuree-shimasu

I’m leaving now.

It was challenging to translate sometimes between the two languages we have been using. Sometimes I also mixed some of the Japanese pronunciation rules. It was also challenging with the time zones. It was quite often so late for Yuiko when we meet.

I did not expect to learn how many similarities there were between English and Japanese:











The plan was made this session. As we agreed on following the course content I have been taking and I practice as Yuiko corrects me. At the same time, I would be helping Yuiko as she needs with the English language.

Photo by Bagus Pangestu:


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