JP-ENG First Meeting

We had a Zoom group meeting with all the team members. Yuiko was still not in Finland because of the pandemic.
We introduced each other’s and explained who wants to learn what. We were divided into groups. My group with Yuiko was exchanging English and Japanese. I teach English to Yuiko and she teaches me Japanese. I needed Japanese language practice because I was going to Japan for exchange the semester after.

I learned about everybody’s background, studies, and interests. I also learned how they were relating to the languages they wanted to learn.
I also reflected on my own life experiences and how they affected my decision to go to Japan and want to learn the language.

It was challenging to get to plan the future meetings considering how we were divided into groups and we needed to organize our scheduling being in separate groups while not pressuring Yuiko. This is because Yuiko provided Japanese which the other 3 of us were exchanging in return for another language, like English or Finnish.

I did not expect that we would all be in different groups and we had to be creative, which was fine.

We agreed on having meetings individually with Yuiko and all of us occasionally.

Photo by Bagus Pangestu:


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