Lunch and talk about Christmas & New Years Eve

Today we had lunch at the Hervanta Mensa. We talked a lot about Christmas Traditions in our home countries. It was quite interesting wich kind of food they always serve at Christmas Night in Spain and Germany. For laura and me it is every year the same dish. Laura’s Family always eating Raclette (actually Raclette is a famous dish for NewYears Eve for a lot of Germans). My family always eating “Knödels” with roast meat and „Rotkraut“. The two Spanish girls have every year the same dessert. It’s a kind of cookie that melts in your mouth, called “Polvorón”. 

We found out that we all have Santa Claus and “the three magic kings” in Spain called “Los Reyes Magos”. The “Los Reyes Magos are coming on the 5th January, in Germany the three magic kings are coming on the 6th January.

We both have a typical calendar with 24 doors to open it during the “prechristmas time”. In Germany we also make a “Advenskranz” with four candles, every Sunday before Christmas we light one. And when all four candles are on fire, we know the soon is Christmas. 

We also talked about New Years Eve. In my opinion New Year’s Eve party’s are always overhyped. I like it more spend the evening with the closest friends. New Year’s Eve fire is forbidden in the most places in Spain, in Germany you could make fireworks wherever you want. You can by the fireworks in every German supermarket. Laura told us from her crazy nighbour, who did a firework for one hour. 

Instead of the New Year’s Eve firework in Spain they have “Las Fallas” in Valencia. It consists of creating monuments about controversial topics that have recently happens in Spain, with “Petardos” (firecrackers). 

It was a nice lunch with the girls.


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