A few weeks ago the idea came up to make in the end of our each one teach one meetings a quiz show over Germany and Spain. Laura and I prepared a funny quiz about fun facts over Germany, things we told the Spanish girls about German traditions and of course about some German words they learned.

The quiz started very easy with the simple question about the German flag and ended in heavy questions like what “Maultaschen” or “Lederhose” means. We also talked about things they are 100% German. Like wearing socks in sandals (especially in “Birkenstock” sandals). Or reserve a good place near the pool or at the beach with your towel, in the early morning. These german things are 100% real. 

Than we did the quiz about Spain from Carla and Marlen. The quiz included questions about famous people, some curiosities we already talked in previous meetings and some personal questions about Carla and Marlen (in wich city they live in Spain, their age and study’s). They also asked a few words in Spain and later on some easy Phrases in Spain.

It was a funny idea to prepare this quizzes. It was also very nice to see how much I learned during the each one teach one meetings


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