Meeting 2: Stockbrot in the Finnish forest

Stockbrot and friends

Meeting 2 was a little more upbeat than our first meeting. Hanna and Fabian taught me about Germany through bread. And we know that Germans really love their bread…

They prepared the dough before we walked to the forest and had an evening barbeque with some friends. It was fun because when we arrived we had to get the fire going. Yes, we needed to cut our own wood, and while we were making it work, I think we were secretly in need of help. Right on time, came of couple of Finns to put us out of our misery! Haha.

It was nice to not only bond with the Germans and the rest of my friends, but to also build a random connection with the Finns that we met along the way. It was a night full of learning. We learned about the Finnish coffee culture and more on sauna and ice-bathing. That just sounds scary to me, but in a “I really want to try it” kind of way.

Meawhile, Hanna, Fabian and I realised that BBQ was a universal language because both in Germany and the Caribbean BBQ is done pretty much the same.

Although the BBQ was the main meal of the evening, including some vegan hotdogs, tofu, grilled corn and smores. The highlight of the night was the infamous German bread on a stick: Stockbrot!

Pro tip: there are really only two things you need to have “Stockbrot” in a Finnish forest. A good length stick and the risen dough. Once you have those, you are ready to start the process. First you should take a piece of the prepared dough and roll it by rubbing the palms of your hands together until it is long enough to be wrapped around the stick. Then you wrap it  tightly around the stick, taking extra care not to leave any gaps before putting it into the fire and then eating it when it turns golden brown. It was such a wholesome evening and I felt like I was sitting at a campfire with friends I knew for ages. Not to mention, my Stockbrot-making skills.



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