Meeting One: Food

Culinary Connections and Career Talks: Gopinath and Denis (10.09.2023)

Our first meetup was a tasty adventure, centered around our favorite topic—food. We shared stories about our culinary backgrounds, from my spicy Indian dish, which was a chicken curry, to Denis’ hearty German cheese toasts. It was like a flavor-packed journey that brought our diverse cultures to the table.


As we enjoyed the feast, we naturally drifted into career advice territory. Living in Germany and India presented both challenges and opportunities. We found common ground, realizing that hard work is a shared value in both places.

We discussed the importance of networking, diverse extracurricular activities for a standout CV, and how good manners and social skills can make a real difference in your professional journey. It turns out, making connections in Europe can open up job opportunities, and a well-rounded CV is a key to success.

Our evening wasn’t just about food and careers; it was a cultural exchange. Just as we mixed Indian and German flavors, we blended insights from our two worlds. The meeting left us with satisfied taste buds and a deeper understanding of the diverse cultures we brought to the table.

As Gopi and Denis parted ways, we carried not just the flavors of our dishes but also the shared wisdom that would shape our journey ahead.


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