Third meeting at TAMK


Lunch at the cafeteria - Vocabulary - Traditional dishes

On Monday we had classes at TAMK, so we decided to have lunch together in the cafeteria. While we ate, we translated some words.
Among them were the following:

(English / German / Spanish)

  • Vegetables / Gemüse / Verduras
  • Chicken / Hähnchen / Pollo
  • Bun / Brötchen / Pan
  • Butter / Butter / Mantequilla
  • Milk / Milch / Leche
  • Water / Wasser / Agua
  • Iceberg lettuce / Eisbergsalat / Ensalada
  • Cucumber / Gurke / Pepino
  • Carrots / Karotten / Zanahorias
  • Hiccup / Schluckauf / Hipo

During the meal, we also got to talking about the age restriction on beer. In Germany you can buy beer at the age of 16, in Spain only at the age of 18. Only spirits can be bought in Germany at the age of 18.

After lunch we walked to the Tamko office together and talked about traditional dishes. In Germany, schnitzel, rouladen, meatballs and potatoes with a so called green sauce are classics. In Spain, paella and tortillas are classics among other things.


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