10th Meeting

10th meeting (Tenny Yildirim, Panayiotis Panayiotou, Réka Varzsik and Lorenzo Piacenza)

For our 10th and last meetings we decide to learn once again the same things in Italian. Unfortunately, our Italian teacher Lorenzo was out of reach, so we had Reka giving us the lesson. Reka is also really good at Italian because she had some lessons years back. In addition that night on 10th of May we met to watch the Eurovision all together. It was a really nice way to end this course. Moreover, we had our last online meeting and we said good bye.


Good morning (Buongiorno)

Good Bye (Arrivederci)

See you tomorrow (A domani)

How are you? (Come stai?)

I’m fine thank you (Bene, grazie)

And you? (E tu?)

Thank you so much (Mille grazia)

You are welcome (Pergo)


Do you speak English ? (Parli Inglese ?)

I don’t speak Italian (Non parlo Italiano)

Nice to meet you (Piacere di conoscetti)

Where are you from ? (Di dove sei ?)

Dove? (Where?)

I am from… (Vengo da…)

I am Italian (Sono Italiano)

Where are the toilets ? (Dov e il bango ?)



On the right (A destra)

In the left (A sinistra)

Straight (Dritto)

Which direction do I have to take to go to the colosseum ? (Quale direzione devo prendere to the colosseum ?)


Can I pay with cash ? (Posso pagare in contanti ?)

Which is the line that goes to… ? Quale linca devo prendere per andare a…?)

When can I buy tickets ? (Dove posso comprare i biglietti ?

Do you know any good restaurant ? (Conosci un buon ristorante ?)

Can I get a coffee ? (Posso prendere un caffe?)

I would like a coffee (Vorrei un caffe)


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