9th Meeting

9th meeting (Tenny Yildirim, Panayiotis Panayiotou, Réka Varzsik and Lorenzo Piacenza)

For our last two meetings we have decided that we are going to learn more words and phrases in French. We learn some greetings, some small phrases and some small dialogs if we ever visit France and we would like to go to a see side or we need directions for a place.



Good morning (Bonjour)

Good bye (Au revoir)

Good evening (Bonsoir)

How are you? (Comment allez-vous?)

I’m fine thank you (Je vais bien)

What about you? (Et vous?)

Thank you (Merci)

Thank you very much (Merci Beaucoup)

You’re welcome (Derien)


Do you speak English ? (Parlez-vous Anglais ?)

Vous parlez Anglais ?

I dont speak French (Je ne parle pas Francais )

Where are ypu from ? (D’ou venez-vous ?)

I am from or I come from (Je viens de…)

Where are the toilets ? (Ou sont les toilettes ?)

Where is? (Ou est ?)



On the right (A droite)

On the left (A gauche )

Straight (Tout droit)

Which directions I have to take to go to the Eiffel tower ? (Quelle direction dois-je prendre pour aller a la tour Eiffel ?)


Small sentences

Can I pay with cash ? (Puis je payer en cash?)

Which is the line that goes to ? (Quelle ligne va a?)

Where can I buy tickets? Ou puis je acheter des tickets ?)

Do you know a good restaurant ? (Connaissez-vous un bon restaurant ?)

Please (S’il vous plait)

Can I get a coffee ? (Puis-je avoir un cafe ?)

Un cafe s;il vous plait

A tea (Un the)







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