7th Meeting

7th meeting (Tenny Yildirim, Panayiotis Panayiotou, Réka Varzsik and Lorenzo Piacenza)

Unfortunately, we decided to meet online again, on Teams. We held a two-hours meeting and it was really good. We learnt a lot in Italian and on our next meeting we are going to learn the same in French. We learning more things day by day and that makes me really happy.


Italian words and small sentences 

  • Sono laureato in Economia (Ihave a degree in economics)
  • Il mio professore di statistica é simpatico (My statistics professor is nice)
  • intelligente (smart)
  • divertente (funny)
  • alto (tall)
  • basso (short)
  • carino (pretty/nice)
  • affidabile (reliable)
  • bello/bella (Beautiful)
  • gentile (kind)
  • muscoloso (muscular)
  • Grosso (big)/Grasso (Fat)
  • Piccolo (small)
  • Lui na il naso grosso (He has a big nose)
  • Margo (Thin)
  • Lungo (Long)
  • Corto (Short)

Body Parts and clothing

  • Braccio/Braccia (Arm/Arms)
  • Gambe/Gambe (Leg/Legs)
  • Piede/Piedi (Foot/Feet)
  • Mano/Mani (Hand/Hands)
  • Dito/Dita (Finger/Fingers)
  • Spalle (Shoulders)
  • Schiena (Back)
  • Petto (Chest)
  • Polpacci (Calves)
  • Scarpa/Scarpe (Shoe/Shoes)
  • Pantaloni (Pants)
  • Pantaloncini (Short pants)
  • Fepla (Sweatshirt)
    Calze (Socks)
  • Cappelo (Hat)

Year of studies 

  • io sonno al primo anno dei miei studi (I am in the first year of my studies)
  • io sonno al second anno dei miei studi (2nd)
  • io sono al terzo anno dei miei studi  (3rd)
  • io sono al quatro anno dei miei studi (4th)
  • io sono al quinto anno dei miei studi (5th)

Io sono uno studente/una studentessa (I am student)

Mio padre e un impiegato (My father is an employee)

Mia madre e un impiegata (My mother is an employee)

Mio padre lavora per un azienda telefonia (My father works foe a phone company)

Mia mamma lavora in un ristorante (My mother works in a restaurant)

Sono natio in italia (I was born in Italy)


Destra (Right)

Centro (Center)

Sopra (Over)

Sotto (Under)

Introduce mu self

  1. Il mio nome e Panayiotis Panayiotou (My name is…) Or Mi chiamo Panayiotis
  2. Ho 21 anni (I am 21 years old)
  3. Sono nato in Cipro




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