8th Meeting

8th meeting (Tenny Yildirim, Panayiotis Panayiotou, Réka Varzsik and Lorenzo Piacenza)

Unfortunately, we decided to meet online again for our two last meetings on Teams. We held a two-hours meeting and it was really good. We learnt the clothes, body parts, adjectives and jobs in French. We are learning more things day by day and that makes me really happy.


Body parts and clothing 

  • socks (chaussettes)
  • gloves (Gants)
  • hat (chapeau)
  • cap (casquette)
  • hands (mains)
  • Shoes (chaussures)
  • Pants (pantalon)/ Je porte un pantalon (I am wearing pants)
  • shorts (shorts)
  • Long-sleeve t-shirts (manches longues)
  • manches (t-shirts)
  • Jacket (Veste or gilet)
  • Coat (manteau)
  • fingers (doigts)
  • shoulder (épaulle)
  • calves (mollets)

French words 

  • Nice (Sympa)
  • Smart (Intelligent)
  • digne de confiance (trustworthy)
  • Kind (gentil/gentille)
  • Big/Fat (gros/grosse)
  • small (petit/petite
  • Tall (grand/grande)
  • Pretty (mignon/mignone
  • Beautiful (beau/belle/beaux)
  • Thin (Maigre/fin)
  • Short (Court)

il est pres de moi (He is close to me)

Next to (a cote de)

Prends la droite puis tourne a gauche at tu trouveras la boutigue (Take right, then left and you will fine the shop)

Ma mere travaille dans une entreprise (My mum works in a company)

Mon pere est comptable (My dad is an account )

Mon pere travaille dans un cabinet (My dad works in a firm)

Une enterprise telephonigue (A telephone company)

Je suis un etudiant/une etudiante (I am a student)

J’etudie le commerce at la management (I study Business And Management)

J’ etudie le tourisme (I study Tourism)

J’ etudie l’italien at la Russe (II stusy Italkian And Russian)

J’ aurai mon diploma l’annee prochaine (I will have my degree next year)


Introduce my self

  1. Je m’appelle Panayiotis
  2. J’ai 21 ans
  3. Je suis in Cyprus


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