Meeting 1 - Coffee and talk

In this first meeting, we had a very good time. It was a meeting in which we introduced ourselves, as well as taught each one something about our culture and origin.

As I have already mentioned, in this first meeting, we had a very pleasant time, since we got to know each other a little and we mentioned several curiosities about our country of origin.

We met after lunch at the cafeteria called “Kaffila”. We introduce ourselves (country, reasons why we have chosen Tampere as an Erasmus location, what our interests are, what we are studying).

On the other hand, we also talked about the culture shock we had when we arrived in Finland, or the main differences we found with our countries, as well as the things we miss (especially the food).

At the same time, we also learned some words like “teuer”= expensive, “Brezel”, “Knödel”,” Maultaschen”, “günstig”=cheap, “Stoßlüften”= small windows…

We also agreed that Spanish people are much louder than Finnish or German people.

Something that both Spanish and German women miss is blinds, which do not exist here in Finland.

Finally, we agreed that the next meeting would be September 20.


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