JP-ENG Final Meeting

This time we all met, Yuiko, Joni, Timo and I. We went to a place where we could play board games. And Joni and Timo introduced to us some Finnish games which were fun to know about.

I learned so much about Finnish games and Yuiko shared some information about similar Japanese habits. For example, Karaoke, and she also wanted to go to a karaoke bar.

It was challenging sometimes to learn about some games when sometimes some words will be missing due to some language gaps, but we always managed and covered the words for each other. This was also helpful for me because I could then, help a little with the English language.

I was a little bit late which made it hard to stick to the plan properly because it took a while to have my child taken care of. But when I managed to make it there, we had a lot of fun, and it was lovely to meet.

Something that was very new to me and Yuiko to know is that there is an Egyptian crackers type that appears to be originally Japanese and made into a Chinese version and then exported to Egypt. It was amazing to know that we both had eaten the same crackers growing older : )

Yuiko now is back in Japan. My exchange plans we canceled for Japan because the funding is now given only to Erasmus programs. Yuiko and I are still hoping that I could manage to make it to Japan one day to meet again and to experience the culture in person : )


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