EGP – FIN – LEB – Meeting One

Today was our first day to hangout. We went to Save File and had some drinks. I learnt about different shots and their names in Finnish. Our group is of 2 people from Finland, one from Lebanon, and me from Egypt.

I learned about Salmiakki and its origin. It was a very interesting subject to learn about because it got me to teach my friends about a very similar candy in Egypt. It has a different name, rubbesuus. However, it is of the same color and taste, except that it’s sweeter.

The challenge was to find things to learn about and teach each other’s when we were already friends as we formed the group. On the other hand, because we just got to be friends, we still had a lot to talk about. So, we did it in a fun way.

I did not expect how many things I could teach about Egyptian culture and language, I thought there was not much to talk about. But apparently, there was : )

I did not expect to learn things that I did not already know. I have already been in Finland for a while, so I learnt quite a bit about the language and culture. But I still learnt a lot. Like the shots and their names and origins. It was fun to know that there are apple shots and berry shots also!

The plan was to go out together and have fun and we did that!


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