Meeting 5 - Sauna together

In this interesting and entertaining meeting on 11.11.2023, we went to Rauhaniemi sauna to live the Finnish sauna experience together, and afterwards to cook and eat some sausages on the barbecue.

We were talking about our previous experiences in saunas, and whether this was something typical in our countries.

As we said before, we also wanted to experience this together, so we went into the sauna for a few minutes, and then ran to the lake. We could not stay in it for more than a few seconds, as the water was extremely cold for us. We cannot understand how Finns can not only stay several minutes in the lake, but also swim!!!

Related to all this, other topics that were present were Finnish culture, traditions and people.

At the same time, we exposed the stereotypes that each of us had before we met them.


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