Movie Time - fifth meeting

As we aproached our 50% milestone, we decided to have a chill movie night. Therefore we decided to pick a famous german and a famous finnish TV show and watch it together via Zoom. These shows were:

  • Germany’s next topmodel
  • Moomins

At first we decided, to watch Germany’s next topmodel, not the kind of show I’d prefer but what can I do being the only guy in my group. So one was screensharing the show and we watched along. The episode was the 1st of the current season, so there were many models to be introduced. As there was a big veriety of of participants from all over Germany, we ended up talking about many of the german dialects there are and about the vocabulary that was used or not understood during the show.

The more interesting part for me was the Moomins. I knew them before, but I did not know they were from Finland. We watched a whole episode in Finnish without subtitles and I was quite impressed by myself, how many words I was actiually able to catch and therefore follow the action along pretty good. After the sereies ended, our Finnish teacher had a word list prepared, that helped me quite a lot to get the missing words and I kind of start seeing a propper progess in my language skills.

In conclusion, I think this was a good way to learn my target language, as there was no way to swap to English and I had to focus on Finnish for quite a long time contiuously.  I can highly reccomend this way of learning.



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