Greetings from Leeds!

 Greetings from the cloudy city of Leeds!

It is currenty 4 degrees here, expecting some snow finally coming in next week. To be honest have been waiting for it for a while, it makes me feel more Christmassy.

Studies here have flown past real fast that I haven`t even noticed. Only four weeks left and that`s it. I must say that the facilities that this uni holds are explicit and top notch even. I would even stay here if I had the choice, not me demeaning our uni back in Finland not at all.

I feel like I don`t have enough time to experience everything I wanted, just don`t have the time. In my spare time I have been trying to see different places and am in fact going to visit countryside in couple of weeks. Can`t wait for that! I also visited London back in November which was awesome to visit but I prefer smaller cities.

As it comes to comparing this uni in here and uni back in Finland, have to say that that`s not even possible. They pay for their uni in here so that`s why they get better equipment and facilities of course which I envy. But education wise it lays in the same, somethings I think that could be better and somethings are quite the same.

See ya soon!


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