Greetings from Suwon!

I’ve had a great time so far studying here in Korea. The food and company are great and I definitely wont forget this trip in a while. I’m staying in the city of Suwon in a cheap hotel because there were no space left in the university dormitories. It was hard to pick courses for my major back in Finland but I got some interesting courses which can be included in my studies. The studying in Korea is based on tests and memorization of the content more than doing group assignments or presentations. The exams are not that demanding if you listen in classes and study a little on your own time. The working and studying culture in Korea is very conservative which can be seen in the respect for the elderly. For example you’re not expected to interrupt the class by asking questions.

In my spare time I have travelled around the Korean peninsula(Busan, Gyenggi, Seoul, Jeju Island). We also took a week long trip to the Philippines to escape coldness of the early winter in Korea. The trip was amazing and affordable and “Yes sir! I’ve now seen the whale sharks!”. Other activities have included attending Ultra Korea, a huge electronic music festival held in the Seoul olympic stadion. Spending a “few” nights in the Itaewon and Hongdae party districts in Seoul. Also visiting the very old temples in different Korean cities and strolling around other tourist attractions. I can recommend this beautiful country to every one who is interested and just for travelling you should preserve few weeks. The professors are aware that exchange students want to explore the country and get to know the culture so being absent from classes is not that big of deal as long as you talk with your professors. I should also recommend to check free promotional tours from the internet since it’s a great way to get to see the country!


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