Greetings from Seoul!

I’ve been studying at Korea University for almost the entire fall 2022. Time has gone really fast and I have enjoyed my time here.  Now I have anymore one month left. My studies didn’t go as I had planned here. I didn’t get the courses what I wanted and the courses I chose became too difficult to pass, so I dropped a couple of courses. In most of the courses the teachers spoke half Korean and English and I was the only exchange student. So I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the content of the courses well in advance if you are coming to study in Korea. Now I have three courses two days a week.  Anyway, I like my university here and the area where it is located. University buildings are old and really beautiful. Also a lot of programs are organized for us exchange students.  In our University has Korea university buddy assistants called  KUBA. So we have eight different exchange student group. KUBA organizes events for us exchange students. 

In my free time, I have spent time with other exchange students and toured the sights of Seoul.I have also traveled outside of Seoul, for example to Jeju Island, Busan City and Nami Island. There are many wonderful cafes and restaurants here, where you can get good Korean food. Seoul is also a shopper’s paradise. So if you like good food and shopping, I recommend Seoul.

To compare studying in Finland and South Korea, I have to say that studying in Korea is much more theoretical and harder. Teachers do not explain things as well in practice as in Finland. I feel that studying a new subject remains the responsibility of the students. Because of this, you see students studying at night. The tasks are also very different and they don’t always have a clear question what they want to answer.




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