Jambo from Tanzania

Photo credits:Ákos Helgert

Welcome to Tanzania, A land of vibrant culture. Four months of my practical training and everyday I fall in love with different cultural aspects in this country.  have so far been in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar and its very beautiful. Tanzanians are friendly and kind. I have so far mixed, Dar es Salaam for instance is a mix of people from different tribes and regions making it even more authentic.

The cuisine here is fresh and spicy. Rice, ugali, ndizi and cassava are among main dishes served with either beef stew, fish, vegetables or whatever you prefer. The national culture is friendly, hierarchy is observed in work places as well as homes, gender is observed in homes where a man is the head of the family among others.

My stay has been spiced up by my visits to different places like safari, zanzibar and other cultural places. The weather in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam is hot and other places I presume but this depends on where you are coming from.  People here communicate by shaking hands, depending on the religion, eye contact is important and politeness is observed.

I feel like i need more time to enjoy this country and its food but adios for now

Karibu Tanzania


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