Greetings from Oslo

Greetings from Oslo

I spent the past fall semester in Oslo studying music production at Kristiania University College.

When I moved to Oslo in August, it was my first time there so I had a very vague idea of what to expect from the city. While the city isn’t huge in the scale of European capitals, I quickly discovered that the city had a lot to offer in terms of places to visit and culture to explore. Oslo turned out to be a city that in many ways reminded me of Finland, while still having a different feeling to it. While Oslo, and Norway in general, can be a very expensive place to live in, there were ways to make things work with a student budget as well.

I found that the studies weren’t any more demanding than in TAMK, but there was definitely a bigger emphasis on the exam weeks taking place at the end of the semester. I spent my last weeks in Oslo mostly just studying, while I felt like there was much more free-time during the beginning and middle of the semester. The studies were inspiring and the campus premises and equipment provided by the school were great for learning and practicing. I didn’t know any Norwegian but I easily managed with English at all times during my exchange. While Oslo wasn’t my first choice for my exchange destination, I really enjoyed the time I got to spend there. I can recommend Oslo for anyone wanting to go for student exchange while not being too far from Finland.
























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