From Fika to Fjords: Tales of a Trainee in Sweden

Moi! Hello! Hej!
Greetings from Sweden



I am an American student studying full-time in Finland but am in Sweden for my practical training. Here at SLU, we are studying a waste management system that collects urine and finds a way to turn it into fertilizer pellets. My job is specifically to study the safety aspect and ensure no dangerous bacterial DNA ends up in our final product. I am having the best time so far.


In my spare time, I enjoy hiking on The Linnaeus Trail and spending time with my wonderful coworkers. I also enjoy going to the botanical garden in Uppsala.


From an American perspective, Swedish work life is a dream. In complete contrast to my experience in the USA: my coworkers are paid well, they are allowed to come/go when they want as long as their work is completed, they are given lots of vacation, they are allowed to take as much sick leave as they want, and they seem to really enjoy their work. In addition, work provides fruit, coffee, fika, and even classes to supplement their work/studies. Compared to studying in Finland, it is only slightly better in Sweden & this is likely due to the age/amount of money put into SLU vs TAMK.


Let’s keep in touch,

Isis Conroy


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