Life in Fuengirola

I am in Fuengirola doing my practical training. I study social work. I’m in a finnish school. With few other trainees we have a group of students which we are responsible for. We help them with their schoolwork and breaks. The school is located next to the beach, which we can use for lessons and breaks.

In my spare time I mostly hang out with my friends. We go to the beach, explore the city or travel to other cities nearby. I have two roommates and we also just chill at home a lot.

Working here is different compared to Finland, although the school is Finnish. The law here is of course different, for example under 12-year-olds are not allowed to go out by themselves. That’s why the kids here can’t feel as free as living in Finland. Being able to study at the beach is also something new for me and gives different options.


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