My name is Oona and I am a Finnish last-year nursing student from Tampere University of Applied Sciences. I am currently on a two-month internship in Budapest, Hungary.

I do my internship in a Hungarian hospital in the surgery department, as well as in the emergency room. I haven’t been to the emergency room yet, but I can already see that there is a huge difference between hospitals here and in Finland.  For example the level of hygiene is different, and the level of resources are significantly lower here, than in Finland. Also many of the tasks that nurses do in Finland, doctors do them here. There is no patient information system here, so all the patient’s things are written in large folders, which is really time consuming.

In my free time, I have visited other Hungarian cities with a friend and have also toured Budapest and its sights. Erasmus fortunately organizes a lot of events and trips, so there is sure to be plenty to do.


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